Scarica Gratis – Free Download: Tom Morello – The Atlas Underground  [iTunes Plus AAC M4A]

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Scarica Gratis - Free Download: Tom Morello - The Atlas Underground  [iTunes Plus AAC M4A]

01 Battle Sirens (feat. Knife Party)
02 Rabbit’s Revenge (feat. Bassnectar, Big Boi & Killer Mike)
03 Every Step That I Take (feat. Portugal. The Man & Whethan)
04 We Don’t Need You (feat. Vic Mensa)
05 Find Another Way (feat. Marcus Mumford)
06 How Long (feat. Steve Aoki & Tim McIlrath)
07 Lucky One (feat. K.Flay)
08 One Nation (feat. Pretty Lights)
09 Vigilante Nocturno (feat. Carl Restivo)
10 Where It’s at Ain’t What It Is (feat. Gary Clark Jr. & Nico Stadi)
11 Roadrunner (feat. Leikeli47)
12 Lead Poisoning (feat. GZA, RZA & Herobust)

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Scarica Gratis – Free Download the iTunes Plus AAC M4A album titled Tom Morello – The Atlas Underground

Few rock guitarists in the 1990s were as groundbreaking as Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello, who incorporated a myriad of different styles into his own playing. Born in New York City on May 30, 1964, Morello was raised by his mother (who, decades later, would help create the anti-censorship organization Parents for Rock & Rap) in Libertyville, Illinois. As a teenager, Morello became infatuated with both rock music and politics, as he was almost entirely self-taught on guitar (in fact, he learned the most about the instrument while practicing up to eight hours a day during a stint at Harvard University, where Morello majored in political science). Upon graduation, Morello relocated to the Los Angeles area, where he decided to try and make a career out of music (making ends meet by working for a spell as a California senator’s secretary). By the late ’80s, Morello was a member of L.A. rockers Lock Up, who inked a deal with Geffen and issued a lone album, 1989’s Something Bitchin’ This Way Comes. When the album sank without a trace upon release, the group broke up.

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