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Artist: Various Artists
Year: 2018
Genres: Music, Electronic


01. Mahoroba – Warm Memories (Sunny Day Mix)
02. Emotional – Love Is In The Air (Cool Down Mix)
03. Pascal Dubois – City Games (Lovely Area Mix)
04. Sean Hayman – Mysterious Ayutthaya (feat. Anong) [Buddha Deluxe Mix]
05. Groove Gauchos – Shirona (The Drugstore Mix)
06. Cinematic – Flyway (Summer Of Love Mix)
07. DJ Maretimo – Azur Blue (feat. Cafe Americaine) [Jazzy James Junior Cut]
08. Island Sun – Aurora (Red Light Cut)
09. Frank Borell – Just For One Day (The Magic Field Cut)
10. Vladi Strecker – Birds Over The Sea (Endless Ocean Mix)
11. Pascal Dubois – Slo Mo (NYC Cut)
12. Citrus Jam – Soft Rock Cafe (Electric Hands Mix)
13. Le Voyage – Flow Motion (The Flowerbed Mix)
14. Adriatic Grooves – Under The Radar (Dragonflight Cut)
15. Emotional – Soul Craft (Deep Chill Mix)
16. Vladi Strecker – My Old Vinyl (Happy Day Mix)
17. Cocogroove – Taxi Soul (Jazzy James Easy Listening Cut)
18. Mahoroba – Eurasia (Tour De Chill Mix)
19. Le Voyage – Late Night (Step By Step Cut)
20. Citrus Jam – Cappuccino (3 Pm Cut)
21. Sean Hayman – The Night Of The Sultans (Le Voyage Ethno Mix)
22. Pascal Dubois – Grounge Lounge (Spring Lounge Mix)
23. The Man Behind C – In The Key Of Blue (Slowgroove Mix)
24. Frank Borell – A New Beginning (Jazz Mix)
25. Vladi Strecker – Dwelling In The Sky (Air Castle Mix)
26. Citrus Jam – Just Sweet (Moogy live Mix)
27. Mahoroba – Heavens Flow (Secrets Air Cut)
28. Kid Coconutz – Punch Lines (Nano Mix)
29. Citrus Jam – Sea Fair (Over The Seas Mix)
30. Sean Hayman – Summer Light (Laid Back Memories Cut)
31. DJ Maretimo – Spring Lounge 2018 (Continuous Mix)

Released: Apr 13, 2018
℗ 2018 Manifold Records

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